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Mānoa Chocolate – Dark 72% Pa’akai Sea Salt

S$ 19.00

About the Bar: In ancient Hawai‘i, sea salt was used in food preservation, religious & ceremonial purposes, and as medicine. Salt was collected from rocky shoreline pools, and on a larger scale Hawaiians harvested salt from man-made clay ponds; a method still practiced today. These Hawaiian salt crystals add the perfect savory touch to our rich dark chocolate.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Type of Chocolate



Cacao Origin

Cacao Percentage



Cacao, Cacao Butter, Cane Sugar (Organic), Hawaiian Sea Salt

Dietary Guidelines

Gluten free. Non-GMO. Contains milk

Reasons to Love

– Made by micro-batch chocolate maker
– Directly sourced cacao


From the  founders…

Bean-to-bar is a movement in chocolate that focuses on quality over quantity. Rather than sourcing cheap to blend from a variety of regions, we work directly with farmers to source quality cacao at high prices and tell the story of where the chocolate is grown. This is our process from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar.


The Hawaiian word mānoa means solid, vast, and depth. We founded our company with this meaning in mind. Mānoa stands for taking care of the land where we harvest our cacao, the nuanced process of crafting our chocolate, and leaving the world better than when we came into it.


We strive to make the most delicious chocolate in the world. This cannot happen without sourcing the highest quality cacao and obsessing over every step in the chocolate making process, from roasting to tempering. We craft all of our chocolate in-house, from bean-to-bar, allowing us to have complete control over each nuanced step in the process.



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