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Luisa Abram – 70% Dark Cassiporé River

S$ 18.00

Tasting Notes: Caramel, brownie, and fudge.


The package comes with two bars of 40g each packaged separately, totaling 80g of chocolate. So you don’t need to open your whole chocolate at once and you can consume it with 100% quality at another time!


This chocolate is made with native and wild cocoa of origin on the banks of the Cassiporé River, which is in the Cabo Orange National Park, almost on the border with French Guiana, in Amapá. A small stretch of the Amazon Forest separates it from the Atlantic Ocean. In this place, we find many cocoa feet and there are reports of Jesuit settlements in the area from the end of the 16th century. Cocoa was a way to get income for their livelihood. At that time, Europe was already consuming cocoa as a drink, and cocoa butter was used as an ointment in injuries. The genetic analysis of some seeds of this cocoa reveals to be from the Amelonados family, however, the most genetically homogeneous we have ever seen! A big surprise for us: Could the Vale do Rio Cassiporé be the birthplace of origin of the Amelonados family? The Cocoa Cooperative of Cassiporé is benefiting for us this very special cocoa.

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Type of Chocolate



Cacao Origin

Cacao Percentage



Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Cane Sugar (Organic)

Dietary Guidelines

Free from gluten, lactose.
Made in a facility that handles dairy and nuts

Reasons to Love

– Woman in Chocolate
– Made by micro-batch chocolate maker



Luisa Abram’s chocolate is made with wild cacao collected from centenary trees right where they were born, in the Amazon Rainforest. Its production tries to highlight the flavors profiles of each river where the cacao was harvested, imprinting personality related to each place and harvest to every bar.

We preserve wild cacao flavors by adding few ingredients to it. Otherwise, its true flavor would be masked. Even when we add milk to the bars, we try to preserve the flavor of that incredibly special cacao. In our opinion, it would not make sense all the effort made to get a good fermentation at the origin if we added ingredients to the recipe when the cacao arrived at our factory.

The reason why there are different flavors and aromas from bar to bar is the genetics of the beans used in the production of each of them. We deal with very homogenous cacao varieties concerning the genetics. Its reproduction has been going on for thousands of years among members of the same variety. They are ancient secular varieties.  Some of them had never been used to make chocolate, such as the cacaos varieties from the Juruá and Iaco Rivers. To make the comparison between the origins easier, we always use the same recipe and few ingredients.


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