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About Us

Chocolate is an emotion

Chocolates are proof that magical realism exists. We know you want to express your emotions through Chocolates, the only geometrical angels in the galaxy! We believe in their ability to put a smile on both yours and your loved one’s face; comfort each other with hopes, memories, and nostalgia; and above all, be a simple pleasure of life! Similarly, we are wowed by ingenious minds that believe in creating inventive, beautiful and exemplary products that show the passion of the creator. Our chocolates reflect these elements: inventive, pure, love, memorable, and magical.

The finest for you and your loved ones

We have created a cute little place both in real and virtual worlds that offers chocolates as it should be: Gourmet. Our mission is to give shape to your happiness and love, through chocolates with the finest ingredients that the world can offer. We are that esoteric cacao whisperers!

As a matter of choice

At MLTZ, we’re dedicated to bringing you chocolates that are not just gourmet but made by people who believe in ingenuity and nature alike. And so, almost all of our carefully curated chocolates are made from UTZ certified cacao cultivations. This simple sourcing practice helps us contribute to a greater good: sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. We understand we need to impress you not just with our product offerings but also with our commitment to ethical business practices.

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