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Amedei's Paita - the Ultimate gift box
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Chocolate box with some amazing gourmet chocolates from Tuscany, Italy
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1 Tavoletta Porcelana Bar - Porcelana is a limited edition bar featuring dark chocolate with notes of roasted almonds

1 Tavoletta blanco de Criollo - Made with Amedei's exclusive Peruvian Cocoa with rich notes of hazelnut and honey

1 Milk chocolate block with hazelnuts - Huge 150g bar of chocolate that has the classic taste of roasted hazelnut in aromatic milk chocolate

1 Bittersweet dark chocolate bar with almonds - Represents the true taste of dark chocolate from Tuscany made to sizzle with Sicilian almonds

14 Almonie dark chocolate pralines - Crunchy nutty dark chocolate that makes you want more

14 Almonie white chocolate pralines - Completes the tasting experience with the smooth velvety white chocolate with flavors of vanilla and roasted nuts

1 Signature "9" bar - This signature bar consists of unique cocoa beans from 9 different plantations to make an irresistible chocolate bar