Our Tradition

To source products with the finest ingredients that bring out the best flavours to pamper your pallates.       


Our Specialities

Truffles, pralines, bonbons, single origin bean to bar and vegan chocolates.

Countries of Origin

Chocolates carefully picked from regions across France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

What more?

Gelato from the region of Calibria, Pizzo in Italy that is well known for its Gelato tradition


Bringing the best that the world can offer on chocolates and confections to the comforts of your home

Boissier France 

Master Confectioner since1927 from the heart of France with love and beauty to entice you.


Artisanal chocolate made in the pure Belgian tradition with noble nature-friendly material.


Unfolding the flavors and tastes of the Greek heritage with pure ingredients from traditional recipes .



Bringing handcrafted Belgium chocolates that are Vegan .

Chocolate Amattller

From Barcelona and with more than 200 years of history. Makes Bean-to-bar chocolates for your fine taste.

Rabitos Royale

The best dried figs, stuffed with dark chocolate truffle with a touch of brandy, covered them with a thin layer of dark or milk or white chocolate to get you the most delightful experience.